Many mornings you can find me scrawling a Bible verse on an index card to post near my kitchen window, a place I find myself often throughout the day. But I also love to play with photoshop, so sometimes when I have a verse I would particularly like to display, I’ll take the time to create some word art in photoshop. And I’d like to share them with you!

All of these Bible verses are designed to be the size of a 3×5 index card. Just right click the image to download. You can load a regular piece of cardstock, print, and cut out. Or, if you are a little more technically savvy and have a printer that will work with 3x5s, print it on the blank side of an index card.

Most importantly, place it somewhere you’ll see it often–the sink, a mirror, the dashboard, your desk, and meditate on it and let it spark prayers whenever you see it.

Micah 7_7 read blog post here




~right click to download printable verse~






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1 Thes 5_16-18read blog post here

Matthew 6_34 MSG








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